Monday, May 9, 2011


Whats so great about Spring?

Allergies? The awakening of ALL bugs? The sun? The lengthening of grass? Plant helicopters falling from the Sky?

To me its all pretty bad. I like the winter. Well, I kind of like the winter. If I could choose, i would pick winter over summer. Boo Loving Weather = Winter. Enough Said. For me the winter is the time of the year where one can snuggle up with someone because their either a) trapped indoors due to snow, or b) "Honey its cold outside." haha either way you get my point. Spring is the time when all girls crank out the slut Shorts. WHOA! Now thats whats up. No . . . not really. Then spring wants to let trees and flowers release pollen. Uhm no. Big mistake. I'd rather be freezing my butt off than to ever have to suffer from stuffy nose. Not cool. And what is up with all the bugs ever since Spring shined its pretty little rays of sunshine upon us? Spiders, flies, and soon will be the welcoming of mosquitoes. Yay! I mean granted, spring does have its good days. The days where its 74 degrees, and all the day consists of is you taking a ride to the park and sipping on lemonade. Thats what I'm talking about.