Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Story of My Life.

In 1999, I was 4 years old, my family and I decided to go camping. We headed down to Cheesequake park in Matawan New Jersey. We arrived in 2 vehicles, my dads Custom Buick Century and my moms Chevrolet Blazer. My dad and mom took everything out of the car while my two sisters and I looked around the campsite. My father set up our blue tent in under 15 minutes. I threw all five of the sleeping bags into the tent opening. There was a playground meters from our campsite, equipped with a swing set. I remember being told to be safe, and not to do anything that will hurt me. However being the curious 4 year old that I was, I was bound to get hurt.
After setting up our campsite I set out for an adventure. I walked through the dirt, and moist grass to the swing set that caught my eye the second we had arrived. I put one foot over the dark brown divider, and stepped right into the dirty woodchips. I dragged my feet in the woodchips for a yard, until I could physically grab onto a swing. When I did just that, I started swinging. As I was swinging, all I was reciting in my head was "Out, in". As I floated up in the air, I would constantly look to my right at my campsite; to make sure that my parents and sisters were still there. After swinging for about 15 minutes I began to get a little bored. As I was looking towards my campsite, I heard car doors close. I quickly looked down and saw a family getting out of their car. They had two children, both of which were boys. Wanting to be a show off, I slowly lifted off one hand from the swings rope. I kept one eye on the family and every now and then I would look towards the site. I would get scared, so my hand would find its way back onto the rope. Eventually I had gotten both hands off of the rope. As the family walked in front of the swing set, I released myself from the swing; thinking that I would land correctly. But I had never done something like this, this was not like me. All I knew was that everyone did this in the movies, and some of the older kids did it at school. So why couldn't I do the same. But to my surprise, I could not stick the landing, therefore landed on my face.
As I stood up, I remember feeling shocks in my face. I felt my sister pick me up. I had no clue that my sister had seen what had just happened. Looking my sister in the eyes, I saw little brown pegs on my face. Touching a couple of the pegs, pain was now upon my face. There was also a chip stuck on  my right hand next to my wrist bone. I began to cry and turned my head forward to see where she was taking me. I didn't want to go to my parents, for I was afraid of what would await me. As my sister powerwalked, we headed to the restrooms which was a big building that looked abandoned. We walked through the wet dirt, grass, and trees for two minutes until we reached the facilities. There was a line for the women's bathroom, but my sister cut them all off. She brought me to the sink, that was not the best looking sink. There was a long rectangular mirror running across all of the sinks. The sink itself was rigid. As we walked in, all of the women would turn to look at me. They're faces matched what I had seen when I looked into the mirror. My sister put me on the ledge, and when I peered into the window, I began to cry more. I was a scared 4 year old, that had made a big mistake on a swing.
    "Put your head down." My sister stated.
I did just that. She cleaned my face, taking out the woodchips along with each stroke. I placed my hand into the sink to touch the red water, and watched the woodchips sit on top of the drain.
    "Alright. We have to go back to mommy and daddy now." She exclaimed to me.
    "No. I don't want to." I replied back.
I cried more as we walked out of the bathroom and down the dirt path to where we were staying. As we stepped onto the campsite my sister called my mom.
    "Mommy?!" My sister called.
    "Oh my! Basim!" My mom yelled out for my dad.
She grabbed me  and pulled me toward my dad. By this time I was crying hysterically, I did not want to get into trouble.
    "When something like this happens you HAVE to come to daddy first." My dad explained to me as he shook his head.
By this time my face was swollen. My eyes, cheeks, and chin were now 2x's bigger than usual. My father grabbed some ice from out of our red cooler, and placed a rag over the ice. My parents put ointment on my face and I held the rag over the areas on my face. I laid down in the tent for a while, until it was time for dinner. I walked out of the tent and onto a piece of log that was right next to the fire. We ate our dinner and I headed back into the tent. I was exhausted from everything that had gone on in that one day.  Ever since that day I stopped showing off. I fear that if I show off, something bad will happen that I'm not expecting. I have a scar that helps me not forget about that day. That day, to me, was an important one. It taught me that showing off gets you nowhere, I got nowhere, just an early ride home. That's the time I fell off of a swing set during the first time I had ever gone camping.