Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Musical Hardships

John Lennon
Soft Rock

When i read the lyrics, then listened to the song, the first thought that came to mind was peace. The line "And the world will be as one" brings upon the thought of those fighting for world peace, but this not being achieved because of all the fighting going on in the world. In the lines
"Imagine there's no countries; It isn't hard to do; Nothing to kill or die for; And no religion too; Imagine all the people; Living life in peace" this shows why world peace can't be accomplished. If there WHERE no countries, nothing to kill or die for, and no religion, what would we be fighting about? Its the year 2010, over 50 years have passed and there are still people out in the world who dislike people of a darker skin tone. If we all ONE, the world would be one. "No need for greed or hunger", this line stood out because there is no need to be greedy or to go hungry. What would the world be like if there was no greedy people, and no hungry people? A world without the greed and hunger would be a happy one; not having the thought of a little kid without a meal, or the thought of the boss giving himself a bonus. The message is having the world shared by everyone, and being in a state of tranquility.

The lines; "You may say that I'm a dreamer; But I'm not the only one; I hope someday you'll join us; And the world will be as one," "I hope someday you'll join us" makes me think about the people who fight on a daily bases, and if they know the feeling of being at peace. When I read the lines, "Imagine there's no Heaven;It's easy if you try; No hell below us; Above us only sky," the thought of ALL people going to Heaven, is a thought without religion. I think of all the unlawful people who would go to hell, but instead go to heaven because of the goodness within them. The song is targeted to everyone, who wanted peace and still want peace. In today's society the song relates to the way people fight over land, religion and money.

The meaning of John Lennon's song is the thought of the world without governments, possessions, and religion. A world without war, or poverty; but a world with peace.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today, nothing interesting happened. Same old - same old. Wake up, shower, hair, get dress, head for school. That's about it;; pretty boring isn't it? My day didn't start getting exciting until 4 block, English. I laughed so much that block, I loved it. Besides me having a headache, I laughed so hard. As I'm writing this, I keep getting INTERRUPTED by dang bugs. Mosquitoes to be specific. -____- I mean i would like to enjoy writing my blog with some peace. Unfortunately there is no peace. Now I'm trying to think of something to blog about but nothing is really coming to mind, so maybe music might help a bit. The tips of my ears are sticky xD from the gel in my hair. Oh man, I think its about to begin to rain. And that sucks, cause I'm really liking the fact that I'm blogging outside. Got something to talk about - Music. I know, almost everybody likes music. But whats up with the music now-a-days? Makes no sense, it seems like people will say or do anything to make money. Shoot, if everyone could I would to. Like rap for instants, I ,for one, don't like rap. Its not good anymore which is why I dont listen to it anymore. Why must every other line be either about sex, drugs, money, or a women? Someone needs to come out with a rap song that is actually good. Kind of like Eminem, his music is good and somewhat meaningful.

Yours Truly Sky*ScoutsHonor**

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hey! I'm back :] (not like it matters, right?) Well, summer of 2010 was all right, not one of the best summers in the world. I really didn't do anything. This was my schedule: Wake up at around 12 noon [maybe even later depending on the time I fell asleep] head down stairs for breakfast, watched some t.v. & bothered my sisters a bit. Then at one point in the day, no later than 4 o'clock, I would begin to feel . . . DIRTY :O Yeah, I know. What? There's nothing wrong with me, *Scouts honor** LMAOO! Towards the end of August a bundle of stuff occurred. Like - One of my cousins from Delaware spent 1 whole entire week with us. It was pretty fun considering the fact that, we hardly ever talked ; like EVER. Then Ramadan ♥ It was A M A Z I N G this year, & I'm proud to say that I'm very pleased with my self. Did an entire month of fasting minus a couple of days o.O haha. Then the highlight to every 16 year old teenager in America (maybe even younger) I did my six hours to get my permit :D UGH! That was literally the HIGHLIGHT of my summer xD At this point of my life nothing seems any better than that, *Scouts Honor**. I originally wanted to blog to get something off of my chest, but I guess that just blogging in general has helped a bunch. I feel that for some reason this school year (Junior in High School, class of 2012 WHOOT!) will be different. "I can feel it in my nuggets" xD One thing I'm sure about: I'm gonna need a new crush >_<

Yours Truly, Sky*ScoutsHonor** :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Far to the West.

You know how, there is just that one day where you feel like sitting outside and just let the world/time pass you by? Yeah? Well that's how i feel, on this warm, yet breezy, Thursday evening. The sun is far to west that it sits right behind the tree that i sit in front of. I sit in the shade of my neighbors tree, trying to hide from the harmful rays of this hot yellow beast. The trees sway from side to side, as the wind blows, making the leaves show there pale green bottoms. Birds swooping low beside me, one bird in particular that keeps landing on the same spot for worms. The thought of ants crawling up my shirt and down my pants, in my socks and on my skin; gives me the shivers. The sight of those invisible flies, that you can only see in the sun. Grass that gets lit from a deep green, to a 'Hello Sunshine' green. The sound of the wind when it brushes against my ears, the chimes ringing from across the street, children laughter from behind the big house, and the sound of birds chirping there songs of the day. Sounds like a perfect day for blogging and relaxing.

Monday, May 17, 2010

BLT Sunday

"Bacon WHAT? Lettuce WHAT? Tomatoes WHAT?" That's all I Heard as I was making BLT's for my family. Although the title of this blog is, 'BLT Sunday', I am blogging on a Monday. Well, I don't really know what to talk (write) about. Maybe . . . how good they were. Oh My Gosh! Delicious. A triple decker, no cheese, egg whites, onions cut thinly, mayo, lettuce (the greenest ones are the best,to me.) & Perfection! My Sunday was pretty hectic after the BLT. Walmart, Walgreens and the whole 9. lolol Blogging can be challenging when there is absolutely nothing to talk about. So I will just leave now,and maybe something will pop into my mind later.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Snap of Expression . . .

Besides cooking, I love . . . LOVE photography. If I see something 'Epic' I will be taking a photo of it. If I want to have a memory locked into my computer hard drive, my camera will capture it. Photography, to me, is like my way of expressing my self; but by using no words, just color and objects. Things that maybe, you would find boring, I find interesting. Like a rock with a worm sitting atop. I would place it in the grass and snap at least 2-5 pictures. Up until I'm satisfied.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Battle of the Pizza !

So, my dad *thinks* he can beat me at a pizza 'Throw-Down'. Psh! Its on. Ever since I've gotten more serious about cooking its been a battle between us both. From mac & cheese, to pizza, to homemade bread. That's right, bread. I've made Ciabatta bread about 2 times, going for my third time. Each time I make it, the bread comes out better. Ciabatta bread, to me, is so tasty. I love the way the yeast makes the dough smell; the scent of beer, which brings back memories of my grandpa. I'm planning on making a Buffalo Chicken Pizza with a type of spinach 'pesto' instead of sauce, & knowing my dad it might be a veggie pizza. :) What fun. These battles me and my dad have, yes I will admit it, makes me a better chef; but at the same times gives me the feeling like we are on a Food Network TV show.

Pizza Time !

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mac & Cheese [(out of box)]

1 teaspoon Butter
1/2 teaspoon basil
1/2 teaspoon sage
1/2 teaspoon oregano
1/2 teaspoon salt (you might want more, but this was fine for me)
peppercorn (a couple turns of that. I have McCormick peppercorn medley grinder)
about 1 cup milk (may need more if you like yours with a little more 'Cheese sauce')
1 tablespoon flour ( I put 2 spoons worth, i like my mac and cheese T H I C K !)
1 teaspoon of hot sauce
bread crumbs ( just enough to cover the tops )

Pre-heat oven on 250º. In a medium sauce pan place butter, onions, salt, basil, sage, oregano and pepper. Let onions cook until translucent, on high heat. Add milk and flour, whisk until thick. Add noodles, and cheese. Place noodles in a baking dish. Sprinkle bread crumbs on top of noodles and place dish in oven for 17 minutes.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Vegetarian Chili

So tonight, my dad is making Vegetarian Chili. Delicious I know. It has T O F U in it. I know, Tofu.? Why tofu.? Let me tell you this chili looks pretty darn good. My chili HAS to be T H I C K ; if its not thick well, don't get me wrong I will still eat it . . . i just wont enjoy it as much. He wanted me to taste it but, I want the taste to be a surprise. If the recipe is good, well I just might write the recipe here. The chili doesn't have any smell, from where I'm sitting. Santitas tortilla chips are the best chips E V E R ! Like no lie, they are the shizz in my eyes. They are better than Tostitos Tortilla chips, like these chips are legit. And I should know. :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

15 Years Young 'CHEF'

Hi, well the title of this blog kind of says it all. I'm a 15 years young, female, 'Chef'. :) I know what your thinking, 'Why is she blogging ?' and believe me I'm asking myself the same thing. But ever since I saw 'Julie and Julia' I was in love with blogging. So I decided that on this Rainy Sunday afternoon (4:12pm) I have accomplished just that. Hopefully people will read my blogs, cause i will be blogging every chance I can get. And yes, I might be blogging about drama in school, or the dinner I had made that night, or how I'm in love with european guys. You'll never know.

Well ttyl (talk to you later) :]