Monday, March 29, 2010

Vegetarian Chili

So tonight, my dad is making Vegetarian Chili. Delicious I know. It has T O F U in it. I know, Tofu.? Why tofu.? Let me tell you this chili looks pretty darn good. My chili HAS to be T H I C K ; if its not thick well, don't get me wrong I will still eat it . . . i just wont enjoy it as much. He wanted me to taste it but, I want the taste to be a surprise. If the recipe is good, well I just might write the recipe here. The chili doesn't have any smell, from where I'm sitting. Santitas tortilla chips are the best chips E V E R ! Like no lie, they are the shizz in my eyes. They are better than Tostitos Tortilla chips, like these chips are legit. And I should know. :)

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