Thursday, May 13, 2010

Battle of the Pizza !

So, my dad *thinks* he can beat me at a pizza 'Throw-Down'. Psh! Its on. Ever since I've gotten more serious about cooking its been a battle between us both. From mac & cheese, to pizza, to homemade bread. That's right, bread. I've made Ciabatta bread about 2 times, going for my third time. Each time I make it, the bread comes out better. Ciabatta bread, to me, is so tasty. I love the way the yeast makes the dough smell; the scent of beer, which brings back memories of my grandpa. I'm planning on making a Buffalo Chicken Pizza with a type of spinach 'pesto' instead of sauce, & knowing my dad it might be a veggie pizza. :) What fun. These battles me and my dad have, yes I will admit it, makes me a better chef; but at the same times gives me the feeling like we are on a Food Network TV show.

Pizza Time !

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