Thursday, May 20, 2010

Far to the West.

You know how, there is just that one day where you feel like sitting outside and just let the world/time pass you by? Yeah? Well that's how i feel, on this warm, yet breezy, Thursday evening. The sun is far to west that it sits right behind the tree that i sit in front of. I sit in the shade of my neighbors tree, trying to hide from the harmful rays of this hot yellow beast. The trees sway from side to side, as the wind blows, making the leaves show there pale green bottoms. Birds swooping low beside me, one bird in particular that keeps landing on the same spot for worms. The thought of ants crawling up my shirt and down my pants, in my socks and on my skin; gives me the shivers. The sight of those invisible flies, that you can only see in the sun. Grass that gets lit from a deep green, to a 'Hello Sunshine' green. The sound of the wind when it brushes against my ears, the chimes ringing from across the street, children laughter from behind the big house, and the sound of birds chirping there songs of the day. Sounds like a perfect day for blogging and relaxing.

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