Monday, January 10, 2011


Well, Junior year is C R A Z Y! HSPA, & SAT Prep. UGH! Oh my gusherzzz, I’m about to rip my freaken head off. So much work : expository essays, persuasive writing and BLAAH BLAAH BLAAH! A waste of time on my behalf. living in Jersey is one thing, but being the only state that take HSPA is pretty dang ridiculous if you think about it. I doubt that anyone out side of New Jersey know what the HSPA’s are. –__- Pssshh! If we don’t pass them, we don’t graduate, never mind having senior leave taken away from you. Let me tell you I actually WANT my senior leave – leave early and get some chinese or better yet a nice and warm homemade bagel from up the street. Yum! Smile But I just hope/pray that I pass my HSPA in March.

-BlueBird :]

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