Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Musical Hardships

John Lennon
Soft Rock

When i read the lyrics, then listened to the song, the first thought that came to mind was peace. The line "And the world will be as one" brings upon the thought of those fighting for world peace, but this not being achieved because of all the fighting going on in the world. In the lines
"Imagine there's no countries; It isn't hard to do; Nothing to kill or die for; And no religion too; Imagine all the people; Living life in peace" this shows why world peace can't be accomplished. If there WHERE no countries, nothing to kill or die for, and no religion, what would we be fighting about? Its the year 2010, over 50 years have passed and there are still people out in the world who dislike people of a darker skin tone. If we all ONE, the world would be one. "No need for greed or hunger", this line stood out because there is no need to be greedy or to go hungry. What would the world be like if there was no greedy people, and no hungry people? A world without the greed and hunger would be a happy one; not having the thought of a little kid without a meal, or the thought of the boss giving himself a bonus. The message is having the world shared by everyone, and being in a state of tranquility.

The lines; "You may say that I'm a dreamer; But I'm not the only one; I hope someday you'll join us; And the world will be as one," "I hope someday you'll join us" makes me think about the people who fight on a daily bases, and if they know the feeling of being at peace. When I read the lines, "Imagine there's no Heaven;It's easy if you try; No hell below us; Above us only sky," the thought of ALL people going to Heaven, is a thought without religion. I think of all the unlawful people who would go to hell, but instead go to heaven because of the goodness within them. The song is targeted to everyone, who wanted peace and still want peace. In today's society the song relates to the way people fight over land, religion and money.

The meaning of John Lennon's song is the thought of the world without governments, possessions, and religion. A world without war, or poverty; but a world with peace.

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