Sunday, May 6, 2012

Artist of the Week!

Justin Nozuka! Not only does he have the look, but he has the voice. He's from Toronto, Canada. I've been hooked on Justin ever since 8th grade when I saw him on my television. He was singing "After Tonight". After seeing him on tv, I searched him on the internet. I downloaded all his songs, learned the lyrics and became Team Nozuka. Hes super intelligent, which is a plus. Another fun fact that makes Justin better than any other guy out there is : HE RESPECTS WOMEN! Aw, don't you just want to put him in your back pocket and call him yours? Well its been 4 years, and I haven't found one thing I dislike about this Handsome young man. Listen to his amazing music, I guarantee you'll fall in love. His website >> VisitHisWebsite

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