Sunday, May 6, 2012

Favorite Country

For the past 2 years, I've been obsessed with Europe. Not Europe as a whole, but two (2) specific countries. Germany and Russia. There's something about the language, the culture and the people that I can not get enough of. To begin this blog entry I'll start with Germany. On youtube, I enjoy looking at the videos in different countries. One day I decided to click on Germany and look through there music videos. One Rap group that caught my eye was 187 Strassenbande.
Not only did I find my new favorite rap group, but I also found my new Husband - Gzuz. I go for the light skinned to white men. I dont mind guys with big noses and small lips. I like a guy for his personality. That's exactly what I like about him, and also that fact that he is a bad boy ;) But then, I find out (by translating German into English) that Gzuz went to jail and won't be released for 3 years. He now has 1 year left, and I cant wait to hear his music again. FREE GZUZ!
My 2nd favorite country it Russia. Yes, Russia. I love the language and the men mostly. I became interested when I had seen pictures of Russian Mafias. Soon, my searches turned into music and there too I found my Russian Husband. Southrec - two russian teenagers who rap. I literally fell in love with Russia. I mean FELL IN LOVE. I want to go to Russia and dance to there music, eat there food, meet there men, meet the women, and get married to one. Yes some parts of Russia aren't safe, yes there's drug dealers, yes there prostitutes, yes there's racist people - But where isn't there any of that?! However I'm not going to leave all of Europe of this little love obsession. I actually like any European man, whether he be Polish, Slovakian, Siberian, Finnish, Italian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Georgian, Swedish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Greek, or even Swiss. There All BEAUTIFUL!

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