Saturday, June 2, 2012

Racism On The Internet

Being racist is one thing. But being racist over the internet is another. Who wants to read what others have to say about racism? Why do people need to support this person? I recently came across a twitter page where a girl post racist tweets every hour. She states in her bio, "BLACK PEOPLE are stupid and ugly". What have we done? I find it extremely disrespectful. I reported her page as spam, and I hope, I pray, and I wish twitter does something about her tweets. I try not to read what she has to say but I cant help but seeing what it is she has to say. "Oh well, no cares about Brian Mcknight, hes just another filthy nigger." Disgusting right? She states that she has a "twin sister" who also tweets using racist remarks. A supporter of hers states " The Legend (States her twitter name) the main head of KKK Of twitter is Now On My TL! (:" Why would anyone want to support such a disrespectful person? I mean you hate us, you dislike us, want us out of your country, yet you want to look like us... I don't get it. You want to use us for sports but other than that we're just trash. I just hope people see the seriousness in these tweets that I see. I hope that someone does something about this girl and her twitter, along with her sisters.

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