Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Class of 2012!

I did it. We did it. The class of 2012. I am super proud of myself for finishing high school. I know that both my parents are proud of me too. But I knew i had no choice but to graduate from high school, I'm more proud of the fact that I stayed true to myself, and the way I felt about things. Number one thing that got me through high school, was having my head screwed on correctly. Number two, enjoying high school, not enjoying high school while under the influence. I live by that phrase, "Above the Influence". Its kind of a motivational saying that keeps my head up high. High school was one of those places where I couldn't wait to go back during the summer, and dreaded the day while in 1st block. The place where I would drool over 2 guys while walking in the hallway. That was high school and now im ready for college. I'm ready to see what college will throw at me. I didn't receive huge obstacles while in high school, however I would like for one to be thrown at me. Just so I could see how I would handle it. I'd probably fail. Ill miss my friends, jokes, and memories - but the high school itsself?! Nahh not at all.

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