Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The girl with the black lipstick

The girl on the bus with the Obey beanie, the purple hair and the black lipstick. I could only imagine what her wardrobe really looked like if she were to stand up. She is one of those girls that isn’t confident in the way she really looks. She hides behind her winged eyeliner and black lipstick that she applies heavily each morning. Her almost neon purple hair is noticeable as you walk past Gaebe waiting for the bus. Lacking the confidence that every girl needs, she makes herself into a new person every morning in hopes that she could be better than her real self. She’s always wanted that WOW factor about herself and figured that this might be the way to go. Naturally beautiful, I see her as I walk onto the bus. Sitting on the bus all the way to the right, first row; but who am I to judge the girl by what she looks like. She could possibly be the sweetest girl in the world, or the girl that has had the worst life possible. Her makeup and hair could possibly be her way of expressing how she feels and maybe even to cover up the hurt that she once/still is feeling.

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