Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today, nothing interesting happened. Same old - same old. Wake up, shower, hair, get dress, head for school. That's about it;; pretty boring isn't it? My day didn't start getting exciting until 4 block, English. I laughed so much that block, I loved it. Besides me having a headache, I laughed so hard. As I'm writing this, I keep getting INTERRUPTED by dang bugs. Mosquitoes to be specific. -____- I mean i would like to enjoy writing my blog with some peace. Unfortunately there is no peace. Now I'm trying to think of something to blog about but nothing is really coming to mind, so maybe music might help a bit. The tips of my ears are sticky xD from the gel in my hair. Oh man, I think its about to begin to rain. And that sucks, cause I'm really liking the fact that I'm blogging outside. Got something to talk about - Music. I know, almost everybody likes music. But whats up with the music now-a-days? Makes no sense, it seems like people will say or do anything to make money. Shoot, if everyone could I would to. Like rap for instants, I ,for one, don't like rap. Its not good anymore which is why I dont listen to it anymore. Why must every other line be either about sex, drugs, money, or a women? Someone needs to come out with a rap song that is actually good. Kind of like Eminem, his music is good and somewhat meaningful.

Yours Truly Sky*ScoutsHonor**

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